## Radio Re/Version
Paradroid starts a radio programm called "Radio Re/Version" in the internet via live stream on 25th of January, 23pm-01am on You'll hear Remixed Electronics, Paranormal Ambient, Suffocating TripHop and Deep Space Pop.

## Dark Ambient Radio
There is a small but fine new web Radio with Dark Ambient Music. No words, no advertisement, only music   -klick-

## KlirrFaktor
Not new but still worth mentioning is Carsten's radio program "KlirrFaktor" which airs 2 or 3 times a month on radio hsf, the campus radio station of Ilmenau. Since nearly 7 years he presents experimental electronic from ambient, industrial to even slightly pop music influcend tunes. Next dates: 17th and 31st of january, 10-12pm. More information and the livestream can be found at

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